Lapiz Inktense Derwent

This is the case with Inktense coloured pencils. When we draw dry, they are very soft and smooth, with a good control of the stroke. When we apply the brush, the effect is that of real ink. Once dry the colours are permanent and you can work on the drawing with other media. The resulting colours after the wash are vibrant, intense and transparent (you have to be careful when applying the brush to give the wash, as the dry colour can change completely and you may not like the result). Suitable for all kinds of drawings, although they are perfect for children's stories, comics and manga. They can also be used for painting on canvas. We can buy them in metal boxes of 12, 24, 36 and 72 units. There are also very elegant wooden boxes of 48 and 72. For those who love manga, they have launched a set with a selection of starter sets. Recently, they have launched inktense sticks which complement the pencils perfectly and are ideal for spreading the pigment over large areas of our drawing. We can scrape with the blade and sprinkle the pigment, giving a different effect. Like artist and coloursoft, inktense are large-format pencils, both the lead and the body of the pencil are thick. The golden inscriptions stand out on the body of the pencil, which in this case is varnished in a dark blue tone. It has a fairly complete colour range: there is a predominance of warm tones and perhaps a lack of some grey tones. It has a permanent eyeliner to make lines that do not disappear after watering.



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