Sennelier Oil Stick

This material allows a new approach to work with oil painting, expands the field of freedom of expression in this technique and also allows more spontaneity and "expressionism". It is a transposition of oil painting. A part of the oil has been replaced by a neutral mineral wax to give it the appearance of a stick.The quality of these colors is very fine: the pigments are crushed with vegetable oils (blotters), selected for their weak yellowing over time. This selection and the high concentration of the pigments allow an excellent resistance to light. These colors are applied directly to traditional supports of oil paint (greasy or universal) and require a quality preparation of the funds.
Supports: canvas for painting, cardboard with cloth, prepared posters, paper for painting. Solid oil paint should be applied in a fairly thin layer (not to exceed 1mm). It is superimposable like paste oil paint and can be diluted in oil or Turpentine essence eventually. Before use, it is necessary to peel the surface layer. It will re-form after a few days without use. The applied paint dries within 2 to 5 days, depending on the thickness of the coat and the atmospheric conditions. There is a colorless medium that allows obtaining transparency and glazing effects. Solid superfine colors have opaque or transparent shades depending on the nature of the pigments used. The product preserves very well over time and does not need any particular precautions apart from avoiding heat sources that could alter it.Once dry, the paint is varnished like a traditional oil paint after drying for at least 6 months, with a varnish end for paintings.



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