Sennelier Artist Oil 40ml. TUBE

Sennelier Artist Oil Extrafine. 

CARTAMO OIL BASED 1887: Gustave Sennelier established himself as a color vendor at the Quai Voltaire in Paris.

Her passion for color chemistry, her knowledge of pigments and her colorist talents gave birth to a color palette that quickly became a benchmark of quality among artists. Charles and then Henri succeeded him, the Sennelier House was the meeting place for well-known and developing Impressionist painters. Effervescence, experiences, technical and pictorial innovations, preambles to the appearance of oil paintings of the 21st century.

Today, with 144 extra-fine oil colors, the Sennelier reference palette is enriched by 50 new original shades. These colors, always so unctuous and luminous, present a paste with remarkable qualities, which is perfectly adapted to painting techniques as classic as it is contemporary. 



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