Vallejo Artist Acrylic

Colors offer excellent permanence and resistance to light. The colors, for the most part, are formulated using only a single pigment, faithfully following traditional methods, and are identified on their respective labels and color chart. All the colors and their composition, when due to their chromatic characteristics require mixtures of different pigments, are also identified. (See Colorindex) Acrylic Artist Color is opaque or transparent depending on the nature of the pigment. The range of pigments artist includes both natural earth and cadmium, cobalt, and organic pigments, always taking into account their development and technical improvements. We include in the range 2 natures of Titanium White, Rutile (ideal for its acrylic artis color whiteness and opacity), and Anatase (for its quality in blends and pale shades). The heavy body consistency allows all brushing or impasto techniques. 



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