Pintura Decorativa

DECORATIVE PAINT. We have a range of paints and effects for your decoration, design and textile creations. Brands such as PEBEO, RENESANS, JACQUARD, EDDING or VALLEJO offer specific products for all your works, always with the quality that gives the years of research and innovation in all products. The manufacturers Pebeo with a classic as Setacolor, with an extensive range of 70 colors for textile, or its variant SETASKRIB in textile markers for greater precision, without leaving aside the range PORCELAINE and VITRAL, permanent paint for glass, ceramic or porcelain, or Pebeo CERNE in tube to apply relief in stained glass. The range of decorative ceramic paints would be completed by RENESANS PORCELAINE and EDDING permanent markers for ceramics and porcelain.

But if you work with Body Paint or facial decoration, your product is SNAZAROO paint, a creamy tablet with a range of colors and effects to safely decorate the skin of children and adults, from a festive amateur level to a professional artistic decoration.

SEDA SILK by Vallejo for silks and delicate transparent fabrics, and the solar paint JACQUARD for textiles and T-shirts with a special effect.

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