Pintura Solar Jacquard

SOLAR JACQUARD PAINT. Solar Fast dyes are used to create photograms, continuous photos, shadow prints and shadows on fabric and paper. It is also ideal for painting, dyeing, screen printing, stamping, batik and much more.

Instructions for use in process: 1. Apply solar jacquard paint to the fabric and fix the image, then expose it to sunlight or UV light, after this process wash it for use.  For hard edges, use masking tape to create a window the size of your image. SolarFast is just thick enough to prevent bleed-through, will not slide under masked areas and can be applied through a template. Remove the masking tape before exposing. For brushed edges: simply brush the dye beyond the frame of the print.

An even layer of dye will produce the best prints. SolarFast prints should be made while the dye is still wet. SolarFast can also be applied by spray bottle or airbrush (thinned with water first) or by screen printing. (Thicken first with SolarFast thickener).



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