Cajas De Pastel al Oleo Sennelier (ceras)

Sennelier, a manufacturer specialising in fine art, presents an extensive range of high-quality, wear-resistant wax pastels with excellent colour fastness. Over the decades, this range has been enriched with metallic colours, iridescent shades and some thirty new basic colours. In addition to the classic shades, it also includes unique shades and in particular a grey gradient, necessary for a balanced palette. This evolution is the result of a long-lasting collaboration with European and North American painters who worked with our company to develop a palette of exceptional shades. Sennelier oil pastel Is a product that reuses the components used in all Sennelier colours: high quality pigments, a very pure synthetic binder and a mineral wax. The pigments are ground with an inert, non-drying binder, which does not oxidise and will have no effect on the durability of the film or the substrates. Sennelier oil pastels have an exceptional pigment concentration which gives them a great colouring and covering power, a great vividness of tones and a very good light fastness (except for metallic and fluorescent inks)



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