Renesans Intense Water Watercolor 15ml.

Renesasn's range of INTENSE WATER extra-fine watercolors includes 70 colors. 50 of them are mono pigment, so the colors blend perfectly and are great for professional use. These colors have been tested to meet the highest quality standards in terms of stability, purity, solubility, and lightfastness. We use only the best raw materials to achieve exceptional properties, such as the ability to reuse paint after palette dry and control paint flow even on glossy papers. The range of colors is extremely harmonious, balanced and complete. Renesans INTENSE WATER Watercolor is very efficient due to the vitality and purity of the tones. The mixture of soft and intense colors gives you the possibility of obtaining subtle tones. The honey used in the production is not only a preservative, but also provides an incomparable smoothness of the paint. We have updated the formula of the watercolors, also increasing the content of the honey, to reflect the longevity of the colors, their brightness and luminosity. In addition, one of the main binders in this watercolor is the gum arabic from Kordofan, a region that constitutes the central and southern part of Sudan.



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