Pintura Modelismo MODEL COLOR VALLEJO 17ml.

Vallejo Model Color has a range of matt and opaque acrylic colours, water based, formulated for use with a brush. These colours are selected and developed by historical experts in the treatment of historical figures, figures, vehicles, aeroplanes. In addition, Model Color has a selection of transparent tones, patinas and fluorescent colours, in order to widen the modeller's possibilities. Vallejo recommends its use on a previously prepared and primed surface, providing a homogeneous and self-levelling film after the coat of paint, thus respecting the smallest detail of the model. Model Color has an extraordinary behaviour on multiple surfaces, and its adhesion is total on plastic, wood, resin, metal and steel among others... They are not flammable paints and do not contain solvents. They can be cleaned and diluted with water as they are acrylic based.



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