Pintura para Modelismo y Maquetas Metal Color Vallejo 32ml.

Metal Color Vallejo is the innovative range of water-based metallic colours, which uses aluminium pigments in its production. The Metal Color range offers a wide range of shades in order to imitate the metallic finish of aircraft of any type and period. With an exceptional gloss and extraordinary reflective power, they allow the modeller to carry out all painting processes without the need to use enamels and lacquers. It can be applied directly with an airbrush on the model, or diluted with our Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver. Metal Color dries very quickly, respecting the smallest detail present on the model, forming a homogeneous and self-levelling film of extraordinary resistance a few hours after application. Metal Color can be tinted directly in the airbrush cup using colours from the Model Air or Game Air range. It can also be used with a brush.



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