Imprimacion para Modelismo Vallejo Surface Primer 17ml.

SURFACE PRIMER VALLEJO. Matt acrylic primers specially formulated for airbrushing. The primer is the first layer of colour that is applied on the model in order to prepare the surface for the subsequent painting processes. Vallejo Surface Primer does not hide the details of the model and can be applied on various surfaces such as resin, pvc, brass, white metal or wood. In order to guarantee excellent adhesion it is necessary to apply it on a previously "degreased" surface, therefore it is advisable to wash the model or figure before priming in order to remove the remains of release agents. The primers are applied in successive layers and dry quickly, forming a homogeneous film of extraordinary hardness and resistance a few hours after application. They can be used directly or diluted with our Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver.



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