Winsor & Newton Brushes

Winsor & Newton brushes historic manufacturer specialising in high quality brushes for artwork. Since 1866, according to Winsor & Newton The best watercolour brush in the world. Winsor & Newton's handmade Series 7 offers a rapier-like tip, perfectly balanced elasticity, extraordinary capacity and control of fluidity.

Hair from the tail of true Siberian Kolinsky sable (Mustela sibirica sibirica), exceptionally strong and resilient as a result of the constant low temperatures of this eastern region of Siberia. Tip: finished in a consistent spike that remains in place during use. Consistency and elasticity: the brush consistently recovers its shape, with the correct degree of elasticity allowing the artist to have superior control with a certain degree of tension between the brush and the painting surface.

Control of fluidity: the colour flows evenly and consistently from the tip, and the body of the brush has sufficient capacity to allow the artist to make gestural and fluid paint strokes. 



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