Vallejo Premium Airbrush Color

VALLEJO PREIUM are acrylic colours specially formulated for airbrushing, with optimum adhesion on surfaces such as fibreglass, polyethylene, polycarbonate, metal and Lexan. Premium has been developed with permanent pigments and a new high-strength acrylic-polyurethane hybrid resin. The Premium range consists of matt and opaque colours, transparent, metallic, fluorescent and the specific auxiliaries of the line. Premium is particularly suitable for painting helmets, motorbike tanks, surfboards and other surfaces exposed to heavy wear and tear, and resists impact and cracking, as well as direct exposure to heat. Premium colours remain resistant to R/C fuel mixtures (up to 35% nitro). It is recommended to apply Premium in successive coats on previously primed surfaces; it can be applied directly or diluted with AV Premium Reducer. The colours form a homogeneous film of extraordinary hardness and resistance within a few hours after application. Recommended compressor settings are around 15-20 PSI or 0.5 to 1 kg. A urethane topcoat (2K) is recommended for particularly resistant protection. The tools can be cleaned with water.



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