Stillman & Birn paper and sketchbook.

Today's artists work with their sketchbooks in many different ways. Some use their sketchbooks in basic courses to record ideas in the field. Others use them as art journals for finished works, using a variety of dry and wet media. Stillman & Birn meets this wide range of artists' needs with sketchbooks containing solid, high-performance art papers. Only Stillman & Birn offers a sketchbook system that gives artists the choice of paper weight, colour and surface type that best suits their specific techniques. With internal and surface sizes, our papers have exceptional moisture resistance that supports multiple washes. Likewise, as the paper size retards water absorption, the pigment remains on the surface of the sheet. The result: extraordinarily brilliant colour! Stillman and Birn bindings are equally strong. Our rigid bindings, stiff when new, are designed to break. The spines loosen and then lay completely flat, accommodating both two-page drawing layouts and flatbed scanning.




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