Holbein ink CHROMASHINE and CHROMA PEARL 30ml.

Holbein Iridescent, Chromashine and Chromashine ink. Series of acrylic colours that change colour depending on the angle of vision. Acrylic resin paint with polarised pigment. It can be diluted with water and becomes water-resistant when dry. The six Chromashine® colours are highly opaque and are characterised by being less affected by the underlying colour. The four Chroma Pearl colours are highly transparent and exhibit the effect of changing colour and gloss while using the underlying colour. As with the other Holbein acrylic series, it can be thinned with water and dried to a water resistant coating. Can be used with other acrylic series and various media.The cap has a twist type cap that opens and closes by twisting the tip. It does not need to be removed and can be squeezed out easily even in small quantities.



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