PEBEO Setasilk paint is used as a traditional colour and can be used on all types of silk: twill, pongee, crepe de Chine, georgette, damask silk... Setasilk colours are very easy to use, they can be fixed with a simple pass of the iron and are suitable for all silk painting techniques: outlining, salt dusting technique, watercolour, sun exposure technique, wax batik, mahaju... They allow the silk to retain its suppleness and offer a palette of intense, refined and bright shades. Do not hesitate to go over the fresh colour to obtain a good uniformity. Before working the silk, it should be stretched on a frame or placed on a stretcher bar and fixed with an adhesive. This solution is more suitable for some supports such as ties.

For large pieces, a fixation in the oven: 5 min at 150 °C is recommended. Setasilk colours can be used with an airbrush.



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