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Art Toolkit Pocket Palette Box (92mm....

Art Toolkit Pocket Palette Box (92mm. x 64mm.) Stainless Steel Magnetic with 28 mini godets(13x13mm.) BLACK

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This trowel is made of high quality stainless steel. Very corrosion resistant and lightweight. Perfect for travel and very portable due to its size of only 95mm. x 64mm. You can combine the godets inside and it is very convenient due to the magnet inside.


Pocket palette box 95mm.x64mm. comes with 28 mini godets inside (13x13mm.). It is magnetised and is the perfect size to create a collection of your favourite colour palettes. Warm and cold, desert and mountain: let your imagination run wild! The palette comes packaged in a reusable drawstring bag and is fully compatible with the collection's line of godets. Available in silver or black.

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