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Art Toolkit Pocket Palette Box Folio...

Art Toolkit Pocket Palette Box Folio BLACK (135x86x7mm.) Stainless Steel Magnetic with 23 Assorted Godets

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Aluminium watercolour pocket box including magnetic tray and 23 assorted trays and godets.

Includes: 1 mixing tray with white laminated base, 1 XL mixing tray with white laminated base, 3 double godets, 6 standard godets and 12 mini godets.

The base is magnetic and fully compatible with all Art Toolkit stainless steel godet sizes.

The box hinges are rust-proof.

Small and compact. Perfect for travel or outdoor painting.

Includes a reusable drawstring cloth bag to protect the box.

Dimensions of the closed box: 135 x 86 x 7 mm. Weight: 92 g.


This trowel is made of high quality stainless steel. Very corrosion resistant and lightweight. Perfect for travel and very portable due to its size of only 95mm. x 64mm. You can combine the godets inside and it is very convenient due to the magnet inside.

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