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Holbein Pigment Paste 35ml.

Holbein Pigment Paste 35ml.

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Holbein Pigment Paste is a highly dispersed pigment made into a paste. Being a pigment itself, it has a much higher concentration than any paint and does not change the colour tone at all as it dries. A very small amount of pigment paste goes a surprisingly long way. Mix a few drops in water until the desired shade is reached. Water also makes the pigment paste more transparent.

  • Blanco de Titanio
  • Negro de Humo
  • Marron Imidazolona
  • Ocre Rojo
  • Magenta Quinacridona
  • Violeta Dioxiacina
  • Azul Ultramar
  • Azul Cobalto
  • Azul Indantreno
  • Azul Ftalo
  • Verde Oxido de Cromo
  • Verde Sombra
  • Verde Ftalocianina
  • Ocre Amarillo
  • Amarillo Hansa Claro
  • Amarillo Imidazolona
  • Naranja Isodolinona
  • Naranja Pirrol
  • Rojo Pirrol
  • Rojo Naftol Oscuro


Holbein Pigment Paste contains pure pigments suspended in a water base, wetting and dispersing agent. It does not contain binders.

HOLBEIN Paste is ideal for making any water-based paint by adding binders such as gum arabic, acrylic emulsion or any type of medium.

They can also be mixed with any type of water-based paint.

Once the Holbein paste colours are completely dry, the ink is not reversible. Store in airtight containers and mix only what is needed for the current project. Clean brushes immediately after use.

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