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Watercolor Ground Daniel Smith Blanco de Titanio (Base para Acuarela)

WATERCOLOR GROUND Daniel Smith. Titanium White 118 ml

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Watercolor Ground Daniel Smith. Titanium White. 473ml. Allows a coloured ground to be given to paper or other surfaces to make them more absorbent, allowing watercolour and other techniques to be used on a variety of surfaces. Available in 3 colours and one transparent, it is very easy to use, sanding is recommended on non-absorbent surfaces, which is not necessary on other surfaces.


Daniel Smith WATERCOLOR GROUND can be used for multiple surfaces and techniques such as collage, pastel, pencil, mixed media, watercolour... Watercolor Ground is available in three colours and another as a transparent medium. In Titanium White, widely used for retouching previous watercolours on white tones. The Buff Titanium tone, as a warmer pastel white, is ideal for restoration because of its classic surface appearance, and for new paints that enhance earthy colours, blacks and neutral tones. In addition, it can be used to achieve amazing works with pastel colours, watercolour pencils and graphite. Another colour, Mars Black, is perfect for working directly with light, luminous or iridescent colours, and many artists use Daniel Smith Interference colours. Finally the Transparent Ground, where we highlight the base of the background on which we are going to paint, as it does not cover it, especially in textured bases or wooden shapes.

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