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FONTAINE Bloc Paper Grain Cloudy....

FONTAINE Bloc Paper Grain Cloudy. 300gr. 15hjs.

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FONTAINE BLOC Cloudy Grain Paper. 300gr. 15hjs. This 100% cotton paper is a benchmark in French manufacturing. It gives its papers the maximum absorption capacity, always preserving the transparency of the colour and luminosity. It is manufactured in 3 grains: Satin, Coarse and Fine, choice for different works. Arte21 online sells it in Bloc, Sheet and Roll format.

  • 24x30cm.
  • 30x40cm.
  • 36x48cm.
  • 42x56cm.


FONTAINE 300 grams cloudy grain paper pad with 15 sheets. It is presented glued on 4 sides and available in sheet, roll and of course Bloc format, Fontaine being a high range for watercolour. They follow the traditional procedures in each manufacture, Clairefontaine being the epicentre of these great papers. 

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