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PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m. Multi-technique...

PAINT'ON Paper Roll 1,3x10m. Multi-technique 250gr. GREY

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Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll stands out with its striking grey colour and fine, rough grain. Perfect for techniques such as pencil, ink, gouache and pastel, it gives light shades of colour and character, providing a striking visual effect.


The Paint'On multi-technique paper roll is a jewel for artists and creators who are looking for a unique and distinctive surface for their artwork. With its particularly striking grey colour and fine, rough grain, this paper offers a special touch and adds a beautiful highlight to your creations.

One of the outstanding features of Paint'On paper is its grey colour, which stands out from other papers. This special shade captures attention and adds a visually interesting element to your artwork. When working with this paper, you will notice how it highlights and enhances light colours, bringing depth and character to your tonal palette.

In addition, the fine, rough grain of Paint'On paper provides a unique texture that is wonderfully suited to a variety of artistic techniques. Whether you're using pencil, ink, gouache or fine, rough-grained pastels, this paper provides an ideal surface for stunning results. The fine grain allows for precise, detailed strokes, while the rough texture adds an interesting look and tactile feel to your creations.

Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll becomes an expressive canvas on which you can bring your ideas to life and express your creativity in a unique way. With its striking grey colour and fine, rough grain, this paper invites you to explore new techniques and enrich your works with a fascinating visual and tactile effect.

In short, Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll is an exceptional product for artists and creators who are looking for a high-quality, distinctive surface. Its striking grey colour and fine, rough grain allows it to enhance and highlight light colours, adding depth and character to your creations. Whatever technique you choose, this paper will suit your artistic needs and give you stunning results. Discover the artistic potential of Paint'On Multi-Technique Paper Roll and be inspired by its unique colour and texture.

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