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LIQUITEX Synthetic Free-Style Paint...

LIQUITEX Synthetic Free-Style Paint Brushes

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Liquitex Free-Style Short Handle Paint Paddles. Made of high quality synthetic fibres. The Liquitex brushes have a short handle that makes possible an infinite number of strokes, available in 3 sizes in widths, with high quality fibres with extraordinary results especially in acrylic and impasto painting. These brushes are highly valued by artists all over the world.

  • 1"
  • 2"
  • 3"
  • 4"


Liquitex Synthetic Brush has shorter bristles that allow you to load, hold and manipulate colour and media with ease and precision. It is ideal if you are working with thick consistencies, want to loosen your work, smudge or create straight, firm marks and edges. Nylon brush hair type, improved short handle for easy handling. 

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