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Sennelier Clarified Linseed Oil

Sennelier Clarified Linseed Oil

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Purified oil, naturally slightly amber. More drying than most other oils, it has a tendency to yellow with time. It is preferably used with dark shades. Adds greasiness to the paste. Avoid excesses.

Sennelier Clarified Linseed Oil is the perfect complement to your oil paints. It provides greater fluidity, brightness and durability to your colors, allowing you to create works of art with professional finishes.

  • Frasco 75ml.
  • Frasco 250ml.
  • Frasco 500ml.
  • Frasco 1000ml.


Sennelier Clarified Linseed Oil is a high quality product that takes your oil paints to the next level. Formulated with purified linseed oil, this medium provides a number of benefits for your artwork.

By adding Clarified Linseed Oil to your oil colors, you will achieve greater fluidity in your brushstrokes. This facilitates the smooth and even application of paint, allowing you to achieve more precise and detailed strokes in your artistic creations.

In addition to improving fluidity, this oil provides exceptional brilliance to your colors. It helps bring out the nuances and details in your paint, adding depth and luminosity to your artwork.

Clarified Linseed Oil also contributes to the durability of your oil paints. It acts as a drying agent, speeding up the paint drying process and allowing you to work more efficiently. This is especially useful if you wish to overlap layers or make adjustments to your work.

Sennelier Clarified Linseed Oil contains a generous amount of product, ensuring its availability for multiple art projects.

Take advantage of the benefits of Sennelier Clarified Linseed Oil and enhance your oil paints. Experiment with the fluidity, gloss and durability that this medium provides, and achieve professional finishes on your artwork. Boost your creativity and bring your colors to life with this exceptional clarified linseed oil!

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