Aquafine Brushes Set 3

Aquafine Brushes Set 3


Daler Rowney's Aquafine brushes are a complete range of soft synthetic and natural hair brushes, ideal for watercolourists. Brimming with style and quality, the soft synthetic or natural filaments contrast with the black shadow ferrule and black handle creating a brush that looks as good as it paints. Available in short handle options, Aquafine brushes offer excellent performance in the hands of beginners and enthusiasts alike.

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Aquafine synthetic brushes use hand-mixed blends of thick and thin filaments, sharpened to a point, as well as different lengths to become a remarkable imitation of natural sable hair. This special construction gives them an excellent tip and stroke, excellent shape retention and a long life. For colour holding capacity. This range is complemented by a small selection of pointed goat blend washes, which feature a traditional style wire ferrule and offer exceptional colour retention and flow control.

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