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Pincel De Viaje Redondo Rafhael Sofaqua Nº0

RAPHAEL SOFTAQUA Travel Brush Round Ref. 8056

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Raphael Softaqua Travel Brush Ref. 8056, with short handle and available in two sizes.  Composed of high quality synthetic fibres, it has an extraordinary absorption favoured by its high fibre density. With a flat ferrule it is ideal for backgrounds and washes in larger formats. It is an economical alternative to other more expensive flat brushes or natural brushes. 

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Raphael Softaqua brushes are made of high quality synthetic fibres, recommended for water and acrylic techniques. Raphael is a leading manufacturer of quality brushes for art, design and illustration. This brass-plated model has great absorption and softness for watercolour, gouache, ink and background work. Softaqua

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