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Set of 10 tips for REIG pyrography...

Set of 10 tips for REIG pyrography machine

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Set of 10 tips for REIG pyrography machine


Product Description:

Single-tap pyrography station.
Professional model with safety switch for working on wood, leather, leather, leather, ...

IMPORTANT: New model adapted to the new European Regulation -CE-.
If we want to work with several tips simultaneously, we can do it using extra pyrograph handles. In these handles we will place the desired tips, and to change the tip it will not be necessary to wait for it to cool down, as what we will change will be the handle with the other pyrography tip already mounted.

    Pyro-engraving machine with epoxy finish.
    Maximum consumption 0,14 A; Voltage 220 V; Working voltage 16 V; Power 30 W.
    Pyrographer dimensions: 175 x 135 x 85 mm.
    Weight: 2.2 Kg.
    Cooled handle with jack socket.
    Pyrographer with safety fuse.
    Includes: Pyrograph tip no. 1.

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