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Goma Laca Líquida Sennelier. 250 ml.

Goma Laca Líquida Sennelier. 250 ml.

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Pure and discolored natural shellac at 35% in an alcohol solution.

Sennelier Liquid Shellac 250 ml is a high quality product designed for artists and hobbyists looking for a versatile and reliable solution to protect and embellish their works of art. This liquid shellac, produced by the renowned Sennelier brand, offers a number of benefits and applications in the field of painting and restoration.


Liquid shellac is obtained from the natural resin of insects called laccifera lacca, and has been used for centuries to protect and improve the appearance of different surfaces. In the artistic field, Sennelier Liquid Shellac is mainly used as a varnish and sealer to protect oil paints, acrylics and other artistic media.

This 250 ml product is ideal for those artists who need a sufficient amount to cover larger areas of their work. Sennelier Liquid Shellac comes in an easy to use bottle and application is simple. It can be diluted with alcohol to adjust the consistency and achieve the desired effect.

The main advantage of Sennelier Liquid Shellac lies in its ability to provide a long-lasting protective coating that is resistant to the elements. It acts as a barrier against moisture, dust and UV rays, thus preventing premature wear and discoloration of paints. In addition, liquid shellac enhances the colors and luminosity of the work, providing a glossy and professional finish.

Another outstanding aspect of Sennelier Liquid Shellac is its usefulness in the restoration of antique objects and furniture. Thanks to its adhesive and protective properties, it is widely used in the restoration of works of art, frames, furniture and other delicate objects. Liquid shellac helps to repair and preserve the integrity of these elements, giving them a renewed and resistant appearance.

In conclusion, Sennelier Liquid Shellac 250 ml is an essential product for artists and restorers who wish to protect and enhance their works of art. With its ability to provide long-lasting protection, enhance appearance and be versatile in different applications, this product guarantees the quality and longevity of your artistic creations. Add Sennelier Liquid Shellac to your arsenal of artistic tools and discover how it can elevate your artwork to a new level of beauty and conservation.

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