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Sennelier Watercolour Paper 100%...

Sennelier Watercolour Paper 100% Cotton 300gr .

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SENNELIER WATERCOLOUR PAPER are manufactured with traditional means and natural fibres, guaranteeing the homogeneity of the colour stain, the respect of the tone after each drying and the durability over time of the same. SENNELIER PAPER is a quality alternative with affordable prices, where we can choose between different formats and grains in SATIN, THICK, or THIN texture. 

  • 14,5x10,5cm.
  • 18x26cm.
  • 20x20cm.
  • 21x14,8cm.
  • 24,5x10,5cm
  • 26x36cm.
  • 30X30cm
  • 31x41cm.
  • 33x19cm
  • 36x51cm.
  • Grano FIno
  • Grano Satinado


PAPEL SENNELIER was created in collaboration with world-renowned watercolourists, Sennelier Watercolour Paper meets the requirements of the most rigorous artists. Made of 100% pure cotton, manufactured on a round machine, it is acid and chlorine free. These characteristics allow it to better preserve all the brightness and intensity of the colours. Available in three different surfaces: fine grain, coarse grain and satin smooth. And each of them in various formats.

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