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Set 3 pinceles Colección Álvaro Castagnet. Acuarela. 8601-1

ESCODA ALVARO CASTAGNET Set 3 watercolour brushes . 8601-1

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Set 3 brushes ESCODA Alvaro Castagnet. Synthetic watercolour . 8601-1. Selection of synthetic brushes for watercolour, including one from the Prado nº 8 series, and two others, Redondo Último nº 14 and 18. This Alvaro Castagnet set is part of a personalised series of brushes chosen by the artists themselves for their work. 



At the end of 1933, Josep Escoda Roig (1902-1982), due to a series of coincidences that would make the story long, decided to create in Sabadell, a town near Barcelona, a small company of brushes and paintbrushes for Decoration and Fine Arts. It would be the first factory to exist in Spain. Until then, artists had to obtain brushes manufactured in France and Germany.

The activity of that small business would only stop as a consequence of the Civil War, but in the early 1940s it resumed the manufacture of the best brushes available, despite the difficulties in obtaining raw materials.

The Escoda brush factory continued to develop and grow. To date, probably 75 million brushes have been made, almost a million per year of existence.

Josep's obsession with making the best brushes was passed on to his children, Josep and Ricard, and they passed it on to their children, Anna, Ricard, Marc and Josep.

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