System3 Flat Brushes Flat Long Handle Series 44

    System3 Flat Brushes Flat Long Handle Series 44


    Ideal brushes for acrylics. Daler-Rowney System3 brushes are strong and durable, perfect for painting with acrylics. The dark tipped synthetic filaments and black shaded aluminium ferrule combined with an ergonomic black handle give this brush style, affordability, flexibility and comfort.

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    Available in short and long handle options, System3 brushes are an ideal fine art and craft painting tool for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Synthetic hair. Daler-Rowney System3 short handled brushes feature soft synthetic bristles that provide a good snap and a perfect spring, ideal for fine to medium flow acrylic colours. System3 feature stiff synthetic filaments that retain their shape even after intensive use, allowing the artist greater control and precision and are ideal for heavy duty work. Acrylic body colours. 

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