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Our range of Vallejo pigments is a selection of natural earths and synthetic pigments chosen for their permanence and lightfastness. Vallejo pigments are commonly used to simulate wear on all types of vehicles. The wear is either operational or climatic and by using the pigments we can represent multiple effects, such as simulating dust adhering to the chains and tracks of armoured vehicles, rust on the structure of armoured vehicles, etc.

  • 73101 Blanco Titanio
  • 73119 Tierra Europea
  • 73123 Acero Oscuro
  • 73122 Verde Oliva Desgastado
  • 73121 Polvo Desierto
  • 73120 Oxido Antiguo
  • 73102 Ocre Amarillo Claro
  • 73118 Oxido Reciente
  • 73117 Oxido
  • 73116 Negro Carbón (Humo)
  • 73115 Oxido Negro Natural
  • 73114 Pizarra Oscuro
  • 73113 Pizarra Claro
  • 73112 Verde Oxido de Cromo
  • 73111 Tierra Verde
  • 73110 Sombra Calcinada
  • 73109 Sombra Natural
  • 73108 Marrón Oxido de Hierro
  • 73107 Ocre Rojo Oscuro
  • 73106 Siena Calcinado
  • 73105 Siena Natural
  • 73104 Siena Claro
  • 73103 Ocre Amarillo Oscuro


VALLEJO PIGMENTS The range has been selected by expert modellers in order to provide all the necessary tones to represent different climatic and geographical conditions in the terrain of a diorama or model.can be applied in various ways, applied by brush on the model; dry, as their adhesion characteristics are optimal; fixed with Thinner, to represent dried mud or accumulated dust, and using  Binder, in case the modeller wishes to create an effect of a certain volume, such as accumulated mud. The tools can be cleaned with water.

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