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Raphael Hobby Loisirs Synthetic Paint...

Raphael Hobby Loisirs Synthetic Paint Brush Ref. 291

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Raphael HOBBY LOISIRS brushes are made of good quality synthetic fibres for beginners in painting and very suitable for handicraft works. The soft, elastic pile is ideal for working with water-based techniques. The Raphael Hobby brush is suitable for all budgets, being a versatile and multipurpose brush for different artistic media. 

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The Raphael Hobby Loisirs is made of high quality synthetic fibre for acrylic, goauche, tempera and synthetic paints. Available in 3 sizes in widths of 20, 30 and 50 mm. With a varnished wooden handle it is an economical alternative to other fibres on the market. The Raphael range adapts to all the techniques and requirements for the development of any discipline, they have natural hair, mixed and synthetic fibres of diverse characteristics and nature,

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