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TINTORETTO Pocket Brush Ref. 1337...

TINTORETTO Pocket Brush Ref. 1337 Synthetic Hair Squirrel Kazan

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Round pocket brush, synthetic fibre, Kazan squirrel. Plastic ferrule. Golden metal cap handle. The 1337 series was born out of the need for a pocket brush with a sharp point and excellent colour retention, qualities already recognised in the 1408 series, which now stand out in this product in reversible form: using the best synthetic fibres imitating Kazan squirrels, it guarantees impeccable quality for any watercolour technique.

Given the remarkable flexibility and conicity of the fibres that characterise this synthetic thread, the brush follows the movement of the hand smoothly, allowing you to work nimbly with exact precision, especially when creating long, fine lines, such as branches and hairs.


The 1330 and 1337 series represent the best choice for pocket watercolour brushes. Aesthetically elegant and original, these precious instruments combine the qualities of tradition with those of innovation: the head, made of natural Vajo hair in the 1330 series and in synthetic Vajo in 1337, is firmly anchored to the handle varnished "a buratto" thanks to a special bi-component glue and to the ferrule, which is made of plastic material and bound with golden thread. This ensures not only a high stability, but above all a high resistance to water.  As they are pocket brushes, the cap itself acts as a handle and is available in the matt gold version for the 1330 series and in the matt black version for the 1337 series.

Tipo de Pelo
Synthetic Fibre

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