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TINTORETTO Synthetic Fiber Mottler SHORT Pearl 1436

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Perla synthetic fiber brush. Stainless steel ferrule. Handle in green varnished wood "a buratto", water resistant.

Paint brush made for different technical painting needs, from dense oil or acrylic paint bases to fluid tempera, but also for painting any surface or for pulling decoupage adhesives. They throw a more homogeneous brushstroke compared to natural hairs.


we proudly present the TINTORETTO Palette Synthetic Fiber Pearl, an exceptional tool designed to meet the diverse painting needs of artists, amateurs and creative enthusiasts alike.
This palette, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, embodies the perfect fusion of innovation and tradition in the world of fine art.

With its exclusive Perla synthetic fiber design, stainless steel ferrule and a green "a buratto" varnished wood handle, this palette stands out not only for its durability and versatility, but also for its charming aesthetics and water resistance.

Performance and Versatility:

The TINTORETTO Palette Synthetic Fiber Pearl is an outstanding choice for all types of technical painting needs. From the application of dense oil or acrylic paint bases to the manipulation of fluid temperas, this palette has been designed with superior functionality in mind. In addition, its versatility transcends traditional boundaries, as it is perfectly suited for painting on any surface and is ideal even for the precise application of decoupage adhesives.

Ergonomic Design:

One aspect that distinguishes the TINTORETTO Palette Synthetic Fiber Pearl is its exceptional ergonomics.

The green "a buratto" varnished wooden handle is not only visually appealing, but also offers a comfortable and secure grip during long creative sessions. This choice of material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also demonstrates exceptional water resistance, ensuring that your palette will maintain its structural integrity even in wet conditions.Synthetic Fiber Innovation:

The Perla synthetic fiber used in the creation of this palette knife is testament to constant innovation in the field of artistic tools. This synthetic fiber emulates the characteristics of natural hairs with an added advantage: the ability to produce a more homogeneous and controlled brushstroke. This allows artists to achieve precise and consistent results in a wide range of techniques, resulting in a rewarding and satisfying artistic experience.

Durability and Longevity:
The stainless steel ferrule of the TINTORETTO Palette Synthetic Fiber Pearl is a testament to its long-lasting durability.Designed to withstand wear and tear and the passage of time, this ferrule ensures that the paddle maintains its shape and functionality even after extensive use.This makes the palette a smart investment for those looking for a high-quality tool that will accompany them on their artistic journeys over the years.
In short, the TINTORETTO Pearl Synthetic Fiber Brush is much more than a simple painting tool; it is an extension of the creativity of artists who seek excellence in every stroke. From its aesthetic and ergonomic design to its ability to adapt to a variety of techniques and surfaces, this brush offers unmatched performance and durability that make it an essential choice for any artist's toolbox.Discover a new level of artistic expression with the TINTORETTO Pearl Synthetic Fiber Brush and experience the difference that quality and innovation can make in your masterpieces.

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Synthetic Fibre

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