Welcome to our wide selection of Water Soluble Oils, a product category designed to offer you an oil painting experience without the inconvenience of using toxic solvents. Our collection includes a variety of high quality water soluble oil paint brands that offer excellent consistency, pigmentation and ease of use for artists of all levels.

Water soluble oils are an ideal alternative for those looking for traditional oil painting without the risks and complications of toxic solvents. These oils are easy to mix and can be thinned with water to create watercolor painting effects. They also have a faster drying time than conventional oils, which means artists can work faster and more efficiently.

Our collection of water-soluble oils includes a wide variety of popular brands, such as Winsor & Newton, Lukas, among others. We offer a full range of colors, from vibrant, saturated hues to subtle, soft tones. All of our water soluble oils are formulated with high quality pigments and an oil and water emulsion formula that ensures even mixing and smooth application.

If you're looking for traditional oil painting with the convenience and safety of water soluble oils, you're in the right place! Explore our wide selection of water soluble oils and find the perfect brand and color for your painting needs.




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