Discover our wide selection of pastel fixatives and pastel aids in the corresponding category. These products are indispensable for any artist working with pastels, as they help to preserve and protect your creations, as well as enhance and expand your artistic techniques.

Pastel fixatives are aerosol sprays specially designed to fix and protect your pastel artwork. By applying the fixative to your drawings, you create a transparent layer that prevents the pigments from flaking off, smudging or damaging. This allows you to display and preserve your artwork without worry, ensuring that it retains its beauty and durability over time.

In addition to fixatives, we also offer a variety of pastel auxiliaries to help you improve your techniques and experiment with special effects. These include varnishes, which add extra gloss and protection to your pastel work, and blenders, which allow you to soften and blend colours more precisely.

In our category of Pastel Fixatives and Auxiliaries, you will find high quality products from well-known brands in the art world. These products are formulated specifically for working with pastels, guaranteeing professional and long-lasting results.

Explore our pastel fixative and pastel auxiliary options and discover how you can enhance your artistic experience. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out in the world of pastel art, these products will give you the tools you need to create stunning and expressive works.

In addition to their practical function, pastel fixatives and pastel aids also give you the freedom to explore new artistic techniques and effects. From translucent layers to blurring effects and unique textures, these products allow you to expand your creativity and add a personal touch to your pastel works.

Ensure the protection and enhancement of your pastel work with our specialised fixatives and auxiliaries. Discover a wide range of products that will help you preserve your artwork and take your artistic skills to the next level.




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