Explore our wide selection of watercolour brushes, where you will find a variety of options for both vegan artists and those who prefer natural hair brushes. Our Watercolour Brushes category offers a diverse and high quality range to suit all your artistic needs.

For watercolour lovers looking for a synthetic and vegan option, our synthetic brushes are the perfect choice. Made from premium synthetic fibres, these brushes offer exceptional performance. Their synthetic bristles are soft, flexible and resilient, allowing you to achieve precise strokes, smooth washes and excellent water and pigment retention. In addition, synthetic brushes are easy to clean and keep their shape for a long time.

For those who prefer the tradition and unique feel of natural hair brushes, we offer a selection of high quality natural hair brushes. These brushes are made from fine, soft hairs from different types of animals, such as Kolinsky sable hair. Natural hair brushes provide a unique painting experience, allowing precise control and smooth application of watercolour. Their ability to hold water and pigment ensures exceptional results with every brushstroke.

In our category of Watercolour Brushes: Synthetic, Vegan and Natural Hair, we are proud to work with renowned brands that share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Each brush has been carefully selected to provide you with reliable and durable options, without compromising your personal values and preferences.

Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced artist, our watercolour brushes will meet your creative needs and allow you to explore new techniques and effects in your artwork. Discover the versatility of vegan synthetic brushes or enjoy the tradition and softness of natural hair brushes - find the perfect brushes to take your watercolouring to the next level!





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