Discover the beauty and versatility of oil pastels and wax pastels in our dedicated category. Dive into the world of these unique painting techniques and explore the wide range of colours and effects you can achieve.

Oil pastels and wax pastels combine the richness and intensity of oils with the ease and portability of pastels. These artistic mediums allow you to work with a smooth, creamy application that glides over the surface with ease and allows for fluid blending and layering of colours.

In our Oil Pastels and Waxes category, you will find a carefully curated selection of high quality products. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out on your artistic journey, these pastels and waxes will give you the opportunity to explore your creativity and self-expression.

Oil pastels and crayons are ideal for a variety of surfaces, such as pastel paper, cardboard, canvas and even wood. You can use them to create complete works of art, as well as to add detail and finishing touches to your traditional oil paintings.

The texture and versatility of oil pastels and crayons allow you to experiment with different techniques, from loose, expressive strokes to meticulous detail. You can mix colours directly on the surface or use tools such as brushes or palette knives to achieve unique effects and interesting textures.

Explore the wide palette of colours available in oil pastels and wax pastels, from soft, subtle tones to bold, vibrant colours. With this variety of colours, you can depict a wide range of subjects and create artwork that evokes emotions and conveys your unique artistic vision.

Dive into the world of oil pastels and crayons and discover a new form of artistic expression. Experiment with intense colours, rich textures and expressive effects. Whether you are an amateur or professional artist, oil pastels and wax crayons will inspire you and give you endless creative possibilities.




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