Discover our wide selection of acrylic paint varnishes, an essential tool to protect and enhance your artwork. Our varnishes offer a transparent protective layer that enhances the finish of your acrylic paints, providing gloss, UV resistance and protection against wear and tear.

Our varnishes are specially formulated for acrylic paints, offering a smooth and even application. You can choose from gloss, satin or matt varnishes, depending on the finish you wish to achieve on your artwork. They are also available in different viscosity options to suit your preferences and needs.

Applying the varnish is easy. After your acrylic paint has dried completely, simply apply a coat of varnish with a soft brush and allow it to dry according to the instructions. The varnish will provide a long-lasting protective layer and will enhance the colours of your paintwork, giving it a professional finish.

Our acrylic paint varnishes are ideal for both amateur and professional artists. They protect your artwork from dirt, dust and environmental damage, while giving it a glossy, long-lasting finished look.

Explore our range of acrylic paint varnishes and find the perfect varnish to preserve and enhance your masterpieces. Whether you're working on canvas, wood or other substrates, our varnishes will provide reliable protection and a stunning finish.




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