Welcome to our wide selection of oil painting tools and accessories. Whether you are a passionate artist or a dedicated professional, you will find in this category a wide variety of tools and accessories designed specifically to meet your creative oil painting needs. These products can help you achieve unique effects, improve your technique and increase your productivity in the studio.

In our Oil Painting Tools and Accessories category, you'll find everything you need to take your oil painting technique to the next level. From palettes, palette knives and other paint mixing and application tools, our selection is complete and diverse.

If you are an artist who works with large amounts of oil paint, we recommend you take a look at our mixing paddles section. We have a wide variety of palettes of different sizes and shapes, designed to help you mix your colors effectively and efficiently. In addition, our palettes are made of high quality materials, such as glass, porcelain and wood, to ensure their durability and resistance to solvents.

If you are looking for paint application tools, we recommend that you explore our selection of brushes and spatulas. We offer natural and synthetic bristle brushes and spatulas in different shapes and sizes so you can apply paint with precision and control. In addition, we also carry knives and scrapers to help you create unique and expressive effects on your artwork.

For those looking for brush care and maintenance accessories, we offer a wide selection of brush cleaners and soaps. These products will help you keep your brushes in the best possible condition so you can use them for much longer.

In addition, in our Oil Painting Tools and Accessories category, you will also find a wide variety of products to prepare your canvases and boards before you start painting. From primers and sealers to fillers and varnishes, our selection of preparation products is complete and diverse.

In short, our Oil Painting Tools and Accessories category is a paradise for artists looking for the best tools and accessories for their oil painting practice. With a wide selection of high-quality products, we are sure you will find everything you need to satisfy your creative needs and express your art on canvas. Explore our collection and discover the variety of options available to take your oil painting technique to the next level.




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