Explore our wide range of markers, where you'll find a variety of options to meet your artistic and writing needs. Our Marker Pens category offers a diverse selection, including acrylic markers, permanent markers, oil-based markers, alcohol-based markers and more.

Acrylic markers are ideal for artwork that requires vibrant, long-lasting colors. These markers feature a high-quality, water-based ink that dries quickly and provides excellent coverage on a variety of surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood and fabric. With them, you can create painting effects similar to those achieved with acrylic paints, but with the convenience and precision of a felt-tip pen.

Our permanent markers are designed for writing or drawing on surfaces that require waterproof and fade-resistant ink, such as plastic, metal, glass and ceramics. These markers offer a fast-drying, long-lasting ink, ensuring that your creations stay intact over time.

If you're looking for a sturdy and versatile option, our oil-based markers are the perfect choice. These markers are formulated with an oil-based ink, which offers superior water and fade resistance. They are ideal for projects where durability is needed, such as outdoor work, decorating objects or labeling items.

Alcohol-based markers are known for their ability to create smooth, even strokes and are widely used in illustration, graphic design and gradient tone work. These markers contain an alcohol-based ink, which dries quickly and provides intense, long-lasting color on a variety of surfaces, including paper, acetate and plastic.

In addition to these specific types of markers, our category includes other variations, such as assorted colored markers, brush-tip markers for lettering and calligraphy, and highlighters for highlighting and emphasizing important information.

Discover the wide variety of markers available in our category and find the ones that fit your creative needs. From art and design projects to organizational and labeling tasks, our markers offer you a versatile and colorful way to express yourself - browse our selection and bring your ideas to life with our high-quality markers!




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