Professional quality canvases are the classic medium for acrylic painting. Our canvases are made of durable materials and treated with a special primer to ensure optimum paint adhesion and long-lasting protection. Available in different sizes and formats, you will find the perfect canvas for your project.

Wooden frames offer a sturdy and stable alternative for your acrylic paintings. Made from quality wood, our stretcher bars provide a solid frame to stretch the canvas and create a taut, warp-free surface. They are available in different dimensions to suit your creative needs.

For a more versatile option, our acrylic painting boards offer a flat, rigid surface to work on. Made from strong materials, these boards provide stability and durability, allowing you to experiment with different techniques and styles.

Explore our range of acrylic paint stands and find the perfect base for your artwork. Whether you're looking for a classic canvas, a sturdy frame or a versatile board, our stands will give you the quality and confidence you need to express your creativity.




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