Explore our wide selection of acrylic mediums, pastes, solvents and binders, a range of products designed to expand your creative possibilities and enhance your artwork. Our products offer a variety of features and effects that allow you to experiment and achieve professional results in your acrylic paints.

Our mediums are formulated specifically for mixing with acrylic paint, offering different properties and effects. From mediums for thinning and spreading paint, to textured and gel mediums for creating three-dimensional effects, you'll find versatile options to customise your technique and style.

Our pastes and gels provide unique textures and consistencies to add dimension and relief to your artwork. With varieties such as modelling paste, sand paste and thickening gel, you can add interesting details and stunning visual effects to your creations.

Solvents and binders are essential products for the proper care and handling of acrylic paint. Our selection includes solvents for cleaning brushes and surfaces, as well as binders to improve the adhesion and durability of your acrylic paints.

Explore our range of mediums, pastes, solvents and binders and discover how you can take your acrylic paints to the next level. Whether you are an experienced artist or a curious beginner, our products will give you the tools you need to achieve special effects, interesting textures and professional finishes on your artwork.




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