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Hahnemuhle Folding Cup
Hahnemuhle Folding Cup
Hahnemuhle Folding Cup

Hahnemuhle Folding Cup

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An ingenious portable painting cup which folds down into a compact travel size.  Easily attaches to pencil case or bag with the hook provided. Made of red silicone, with lid and Hahnemühle logo.


Discover the revolution in artistic creativity with our innovative Portable Painting Tumbler, designed to take your passion for art wherever you go. This collapsible cup combines functionality with portability, offering artists a convenient solution for painting anytime, anywhere.

Made from high-quality red silicone, this portable cup is not only durable but also flexible, allowing you to easily fold it down to a compact travel size. Its clever design ensures that you can carry your essential creative tool with you without taking up too much space in your bag or case.

The included lid not only protects your painting while traveling, but also serves as a stable base when the cup is unfolded for use. The lid fits securely, preventing accidental spills and allowing you to fully concentrate on your work.

For added convenience, the portable tumbler has a supplied hook that easily attaches to your case or bag. This ensures that it is always within reach when inspiration strikes, whether in a park, café or while traveling.

The distinctive Hahnemühle logo on the cup not only represents quality and excellence, but also adds an elegant and recognizable touch to your artistic equipment.

In short, our Portable Painting Cup is more than an accessory; it is an essential tool for those seeking freedom and flexibility in their artistic practice. With the perfect combination of smart design, durability and portability, this cup is the perfect companion for artists on the go - take your creativity to new horizons with the Hahnemühle Portable Painting Cup!

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