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Clairefontaine Disposable Palette 90gr. 40 Sheets 29,7x42cm. (A3)

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Clairefontaine disposable palette sheets in A3 format, ideal for color mixtures with oil, acrylic, tempera. This palette pad contains 40 sheets, and is very convenient to use, it avoids cleaning palettes with solvents or soaps, just discard the sheets and that's it!


The Clairefontaine Disposable Palette is an essential tool for artists and painting enthusiasts. Made of high quality 90 gram paper, this palette provides a resistant and durable surface for optimal color mixing.

This set includes 40 A3-sized sheets (29,7x42cm), offering a large working area for your art projects. Each sheet is designed to be easily disposable after use, simplifying cleanup and allowing you to concentrate on your creativity.

The smooth texture of Clairefontaine paper makes it easy to mix colors and apply different painting techniques. In addition, its water resistance prevents the palette from softening or deteriorating in humidity, ensuring a hassle-free painting experience.

Whether you're a professional painter or an amateur, the Clairefontaine Disposable Palette is a valuable addition to your artistic toolkit. Discover the convenience and quality this palette brings to your creative projects.

Key Features:

    Material: 90 gram high quality paper.
    Size: A3 (29,7x42cm).
    Quantity: 40 sheets per pack.
    Water resistant surface.
    Easy to dispose of for hassle-free cleaning.

Take advantage of this palette to enhance your creativity and take your artwork to the next level. Order today and discover the difference Clairefontaine can make in your art projects!

  • 24x32cm.
  • DIN A3

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