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ARCHES PAPER. 5 Sheets Cotton 640 gr.

ARCHES PAPER. 5 Sheets Cotton 640 gr.

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ARCHES PAPER Watercolour 640gr. Sheets of 56x76 cms. and 105x75cm. ARCHES WATERCOLOUR PAPER is a 100% cotton paper manufactured by traditional means, available in 3 different grains: SATIN, FINE AND COARSE. It is available in sheets, rolls and pads, thus offering the painter multiple variants for his works.

  • 56x76cm.
  • 105x75cm.
  • Grano FIno
  • Grano Grueso
  • Grano Satinado
  • Blanco Natural
  • Extra Blanco


ARCHES paper, produced by traditional means, has a natural grain with homogeneously distributed fibres that allows the fixation of the stain uniformly without deformation after each use. Its central body does not alter the colours after drying, preserving its brightness and transparency, being the reference paper for watercolourists and painters all over the world. 

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