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HAHNEMUHLE SUMI E 20 sheets of 80 gsm...
HAHNEMUHLE SUMI E 20 sheets of 80 gsm...

HAHNEMUHLE SUMI E 20 sheets of 80 gsm paper.

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HAHNEMUHLE SUMI E Sheet of 20 Sheets Paper 80gr.

Hahnemühle FineArt developed a special paper for the Japanese Sumi e painting technique. On this highly absorbent paper, "freestyle ink painting" comes out particularly well. This hahnemühle paper is suitable for all lovers of this ancient technique.


HAHNEMUHLE SUMI E Block 20 Sheets Paper 80gr.

"Sumi" translates as "black ink" and "e" means not only "way" but also "painting". These are simple and highly aesthetic drawings consisting of strong lines, in many cases running and quickly sketched. With a lot of inner peace and meditative serenity, images are created that capture the existence and movement of a motif. Sumi-e is therefore not only an Asian painting technique, but also a form of spiritual relaxation therapy. Sumi-e painting was developed from Chinese calligraphy in the 5th century. Characteristic are its nature motifs. In the 12th century, Zen monks brought the painting technique to Japan, where even today Sumi-e painting retains a strong influence on the way of life. In Europe, this painting technique is making progress, and Hahnemühle FineArt offers an ideal role for this.

  • 24x32cm.
  • 30x40cm.

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