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Faber Castell Graphite & Accessories Set 7pcs.

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Faber Castell Graphite Set

The Pitt range from Faber-Castell offers the creative artist a complete assortment of pencils and chalks in different gradations for sketching, shading and graphic design. The "Faber green pencil", as known to artists such as Van Gogh and Goethe, is now part of our daily lives. The 16 gradations range from soft grey to deep graphite black, offering the artist a whole range of possibilities. Pitt pure graphite leads are perfect for creating contrasts and shading large areas. These pencils offer endless possibilities for spontaneous expression, creating different effects depending on the pressure exerted and the degree of hardness of the lead. Pitt graphite chalks are the perfect companion for working large areas.

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This set is ideal for testing the Faber Castell graphite range, it contains the Mitica reference 9000 in Jumbo and traditional format in hardness 2B, as well as a bar of pure graphite, a watercolour graphite pencil and the accessories; eraser and pencil sharpener.

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