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Herbin Rechargeable Rollerball
Herbin Rechargeable Rollerball

Herbin Rechargeable Rollerball

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These small and compact rollerball pens are refillable with Herbin ink cartridges in international format. Medium line. High-quality metal barrel in various colours.


J. Herbin, the world's oldest name in ink production, was founded in 1670 creating inks and seals for many famous French personalities, such as King Louis XIV (The Sun King) and Victor Hugo (author of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "Les Miserables").

Although most famous for the quality of their inks, J. Herbin also offers a range of pens and accessories, including unusual rollerballs using fountain pen ink, and traditional blotting paper.

These rollerball pens can be used with standard ink cartridges.


    Article code: 21600T / 21613T / 21631T / 21659T / 21666T / 21677T / 21666T / 21677T
    Colour: Black / Blue / Green / Coral / Pink / Purple
    Item Material: Metal
    Refill type: International standard cartridges
    Nib type: Fine
    Nib type: Rollerball Tip

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